July 07, 2014

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Hi my name is Jordan. My parents and I created Kidskin to help me with me with my acne when I was 6.  There were no products safe enough for my skin so my Dad and I formulated an effective acne kit that really worked for me. (FYI: we also worked with a team of super smart chemists and dermatologists) We are so proud to be able to share our products with other kids my age.  All of our products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free. Thanks again!

-Jordan Canepa


Always have kids wash their face (and take a shower, if possible) as soon as any sports practice or long physical activity has taken place in their day.

Do kids and Teens wash more than twice a day? If a Tween is especially active and sweating a lot, doing so is extremely helpful. Also, skin and body odor issues are reduced when they do, and oily buildup on the face has the capacity to be cleared and keep skin smooth.

Does your child have oily skin? If yes, we recommend our T-Blast CleanserTry it out, send us a picture or post it on our Facebook page after one week of use, and leave a review to let us know that the Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser worked for your kid’s skin. Thanks!

Michael Canepa
Michael Canepa