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How to Choose the Best Face Wash for a Teenage Girl

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How to Choose the Best Face Wash for a Teenage Girl

Choosing kids face wash, especially for a teenage girl is never easy. There are hundreds of products to choose from which can quickly become overwhelming. However, there are a few things you can look for (and avoid) while finding the right face wash. These tips will help you choose the best face wash that will leave the skin clear, clean, and healthy.

Things to Look For in Kids Face Wash

The first thing to remember while choosing kids face wash is that it should always be gentle. Look for one that is explicitly formulated to provide everything required by a teen girl’s skin. Choose a face wash that contains a moisturizer. Most teens only have time to wash their face and pat it dry. This can cause their skin to go dry the entire day which can promote excess oil production and a bad case of zits. It is best to find a face wash that contains moisturizing oils to balance the pH and oil levels in the skin.

It is important to go with products that are as natural as possible. This holds true on the scent front too. Don’t choose a face wash simply because it matches the smell of a favorite perfume. These scents are chemically produced and can be harmful to the sensitive teen skin. Look for a face wash with pleasant aroma that uses natural ingredients.

Teen girl washing her face.

Things to Avoid in Kids Face Wash

There are many products out there for teens that contain rough particles. A good rule of thumb while purchasing any skin care product or face wash for teens is that it should not contain cleansers or scrubs. Teenage girls are tempted to have a go at their acne with a scrub of some sort. However, this is a huge mistake. Harsh scrubs tend to increase oil production on the face and can add to the irritation.

Chemicals to Watch Out For in Kids Face Wash

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of chemicals that are added to skin care products, even for kids. You should stay away from these chemicals:

  • Phthalates – These chemical compounds are added to skin care for a number of uses. The primary use is to dissolve other ingredients in the mixture. They also help in keeping the product moist and the skin soft. However, long term exposure to phthalates can cause numerous health problems.
  • Paraben – Parabens are similar to phthalates and are often found together in face washes. They increase the shelf life of products and fight microbes that may cause infections. Parabens have been linked with health problems as well.
  • Triclosan – Most personal hygiene products from toothpaste to face wash contain triclosan. This chemical helps in extending shelf life and has been linked with many health problems. For instance, it results in hormonal imbalance and sensitivity to UV rays.

Other chemicals to steer clear from are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. They are typically added to facial cleansers to create rich creamy foam. They may be good at removing dirt, but they have several critical drawbacks. A major one is that the chemicals strip essential oils from the skin.