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Skincare for 13-Year-Olds

At 13 years old, you’re tackling many changes as you deal with puberty, hormones, school, crushes, and more. Sometimes the stress of all these factors can lead to breakouts and other skin issues. Learning about skincare for tweens can make you feel better about yourself and make your skin healthier.

The Importance of Skincare

Skincare for tweens keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend starting a skincare routine in the tween or teen years. The earlier you start, the better! During your tweens, you are filled with hormones that can make your skin act up, causing breakouts and blackheads galore. Dealing with these hormones can be difficult, but taking care of your skin can help counter the effects they have on your tween skin.

Dealing with the stress of hormones and puberty can be hard on your self-esteem, and skincare for tweens can help build confidence. If you’ve started wearing makeup, skincare is essential because leaving traces of makeup can cause skin issues. At 13, you shouldn’t be worried about your skin aging. However, it’s cool to know that by taking care of your skin now, you’re preventing wrinkles and skin problems that could arise later in life.


Knowing Your Skin Type

The best way to take care of your tween skin is by getting to know it! Everyone’s skin is different and requires unique treatment. Knowing your skin type can help you create the most beneficial skincare routine possible.

Some of the most common skin types are:

  • normal
  • dry
  • oily
  • combination
  • sensitive

People with normal skin have a smooth, even, and radiant complexion and tend to have minimal skin issues and breakouts. Normal skin is not particularly sensitive and has barely visible pores. People with normal skin should use gentle, non-irritating products to take care of their tween skin. 

Dry skin tends to crack, peel, and become irritated more quickly than other skin types. It can also be itchy and dull with red patches. The best way to care for dry tween skin is by using gentle products and making sure to moisturize. 

People with oily skin typically have a shiny complexion. Oily skin types are more prone to breakouts, blackheads, blemishes, and enlarged pores. It is often caused by puberty and hormones, which often affect tween skin. To treat oily skin, use non-irritating products, and make sure you don’t pop any blemishes. 

Combination skin can have normal, dry, and oily skin all in one. Your forehead may be oily while you get dry patches on your cheeks, or your nose could be dry while the rest of your skin is normal. People with combination skin can be more prone to blackheads and breakouts. Skincare for tweens with this skin type includes gentle products. 

Sensitive skin is prone to itching, burning, redness, and dryness. Certain things can trigger a reaction. Harsh weather, certain foods, and skin disorders like eczema can lead to intense reactions in sensitive skin. When choosing skincare for tweens with sensitive skin, find products specially made for this skin type.


Creating a Skincare Routine for Tweens  

Cleanse your Face

The first step to skincare for tweens is cleansing your skin. The cleanser removes any excess dirt, oil, or makeup on your skin. Your skin is exposed to a lot of environmental factors throughout the day that can be harmful. Cleanser helps ensure these facts don’t harm your skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should use a sensitive skin cleanser. Our sensitive skin cleanser foams when adding water, which provides a lot of hydration while still being lightweight. For those of you with oily or acne-prone skin, we recommend our T-Blast Foaming Cleanser. It has tea tree oil, an excellent ingredient for getting rid of oil without drying out the skin. It has a lightweight and refreshing consistency, making it perfect for tween skin. 


Spot Treat Zits

Spot treatment helps get rid of those stubborn breakouts that tend to overstay their welcome on the skin. Though this isn’t a vital step in skincare for tweens, it’s beneficial if you struggle with acne. Our spot treatment is made with salicylic acid, a powerful acne-fighting ingredient. Just apply a small amount to any problem areas on your tween skin and watch your blemishes start to fade!


Moisturize your Skin

Moisturizing is essential in skincare for tweens. Although we recommend a cleanser, it can strip some of the natural oils that nourish tween skin. Moisturizing brings those oils back to the surface. For dry, oily, and acne-prone skin, we recommend our Calming Moisturizer for Kids, Dry Skin, and Acne. It has a gentle and non-greasy formula that allows it to calm dry tween skin while also clearing imperfections. If you have sensitive skin, try out our sensitive skin moisturizer. It is gentle on the skin and has peptides and antioxidants that provide hydrating benefits.


Apply Sunscreen

We all know how irritating and painful sunburns can be, so people of all ages should be wearing sunscreen daily. UV rays can be dangerous for your skin whether the sky is full of clouds or it’s the brightest and sunniest day of the year. Neglecting to use sunscreen can contribute to skin cancer and early signs of aging. Our daily sunscreen is SPF30 and doesn’t include the harsh chemicals that some sunscreens may have. It is made of 13.5% zinc oxide, a powerful ingredient in protecting tween skin against the sun. 

 Teen girl washing her face.

Food, Hydration, and Skincare

Did you know the things you eat and drink can have an impact on tween skin? Drinking water is just as important as creating a skincare routine. Staying hydrated with water prevents acne by balancing the oil and water content in your face. Water also brings more moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and refreshed. Health experts usually recommend about eight glasses of water a day, although the amount you should be drinking can vary depending on your gender and weight. Sugary drinks like soda can cause breakouts, so sticking to water most of the time is the best bet with skincare for tweens. 

Eating habits have a significant effect on skincare for tweens. Sometimes we can’t help but indulge in processed foods like pizza, fast food, and candy. When consumed in excess, these types of foods can make your skin greasy and cause breakouts. Enjoy your treats in moderation to keep your skin looking radiant. Some of the best foods for clear and healthy skin include kiwi, berries, tomatoes, avocadoes, carrots, and nuts. Be conscious of the food you consume and how it can impact your skin.


Other Skincare Tips for 13-Year-Olds

  1. Don’t share makeup. Trading makeup is essentially like trading germs with another person. Makeup applicators and brushes can carry a lot of bacteria from person to person. Plus, dark and moist containers provide a space for germs to thrive. Bacteria from your bestie’s concealer could cause you to break out, so pack your own makeup bag for the sleepover!


  1. Avoid touching your face. Our hands are always touching things that have a lot of bacteria. We shake hands, open doors, flush toilets, and pick-up countless objects throughout the day. Touching your face can spread bacteria, oil, and dirt from your hands to your face. The germs from your hands can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Only touch your face when you’re doing your skincare routine, and make sure you wash your hands first.


  1. Don’t pop zits: Although it can be tempting when there’s a giant zit on your face, don’t pop your pimples. Squeezing doesn’t get rid of the problem, and it can, in fact, make acne worse. Zits take longer to heal when you’ve popped them and can also develop scars that are difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, popping can push pus and bacteria deeper into the skin, causing more irritation to your tween skin. Next time you break out, resist the urge to pop it, throw on some spot treatment, and be patient.


  1. Be consistent with your skincare routine: Once you establish a routine that works for you, it’s essential to stick to it to see results. With a consistent routine, over time, your tween skin will be able to receive the nourishment it needs.


  1. See a dermatologist if you have concerns: Since no two people have the same skin, sometimes it can be hard to address skincare concerns. If you’re having issues, seeing a dermatologist is the best way to get them taken care of.



We hope these tips have helped you get a head start on your skincare routine. Check out our top 10 ways to care for your skin in your tweens for more ways to maintain healthy skin.



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