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Healthy Hygiene For Teens and Tweens

A typical day for kids between the ages of 6-17 might include going to school, participating in sports, studying or doing their homework, and hanging out with their friends. Then suddenly, seemingly overnight, frustrating bouts acne and breakouts becomes part of their day, which can cause embarrassment and loss of confidence among their peers.

It can be difficult to predict how and when acne can appear among tweens and teens. But on average as children begin their developmental stages years earlier than previous generations, the mix of pubescent hormones, bacteria, and genetic factors can lead you down a mystifying path to finding a solution for your child suffering from acne.

Luckily, it’s not so difficult to incorporate a simple facial cleansing routine into a kid’s life. Kidskin’s skincare line of facial cleansing products are especially formulated to resolve troubling tween and teen acne without any of the harsh ingredients found in drug store brands available today.

Armed with the right facial cleansers, serums, and moisturizer like those found in the Kidskin’s 3-Step Acne Treatment Kit, it’s equally important to follow these healthy hygiene habits to help your kid say goodbye to acne for good:

Regularly Wash Your Face AND Hands:

The first step to ensuring clean and clear skin is encouraging your teen or tween to develop a regular habit of washing their hands, as often and as thoroughly as possible, with warm soap and water. Kids come in contact with dirt, germs, and bacteria all day which can easily transfer to the skin simply by touching (or even brushing their hair out of their face!). Thile sometimes hidden to the naked eye, the existing dirt and bacteria can cause clogged pores and inflammation leading to breakouts that are fully preventable with good hand-washing hygiene!

Proper face-washing is also a very important hygiene habit to instill in your child. This means introducing a regular skin-care routine using GENTLE and EFFECTIVE cleansers formulated for your kid’s skin-type like the KidSkin T-Blast Foaming cleanser. Similar to an acne sufferer’s hands, it’s crucial to incorporate thorough face washing several times a day including when waking up, before bed, and after sports and strenuous activity, ensuring pores are free and clear of any acne-causing bacteria or sebum build-up.

Little girl washing her face in the bath.

Stay Out of The Sun and Drink Plenty of Water:

This one might seem hard to do, especially if your tween or teen plays a lot of sports. However, this is more crucial for active kids or for those who live in warmer climates. Simply put, dry skin and skin parched by excessive sun exposure is more prone to irritation and susceptible to acne. If your tween is out in the sun a lot, make sure they are hydrating with plenty of water, using noncomedogenic sunscreen with natural ingredients like the Kidskin Daily Sunscreen SPF30, and regularly moisturizing (we love the KidSkin Calming Moisturizer) to keep up with a healthy moisture level in their skin.

Check Your Detergent! (And Wash Pillowcases, Sheets, and Towels):

Who knew that laundry could be causing your kid’s acne? While you should absolutely wash your kids pillowcases, sheets, and towels at least once a week to ensure excess oils and bacteria does not transfer from their hair to their face, that is only half the equation. Laundry detergents can contain a host of pore-clogging chemicals in of themselves! Instead, opt to use enzyme and fragrance-free detergents to avoid the waxy residue most detergents leave behind that can be doing more harm than good for your child’s acne.

Proper skin hygiene is a crucial component of minimizing acne in kids. If your child has begun to experience acne, consider helping them incorporate these important tips into their daily life. Also, be sure to check out the Kidskin product page for all the products they need to jump-start your kid’s skincare routine!

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