About Us

Being a parent is never easy. It seems like there is always something to worry about. But I couldn’t believe I had to start worrying about my daughter’s acne breakout at the age of 6.

After suffering from acne as a teenager, I was determined to take care of this issue right away. After many years in the aesthetic industry and while working at a pharmaceutical skin care company, I went searching for appropriate skin care products for my 1st grader. I noticed many “great” products for babies and many “not so great” products for teens. I was concerned about certain ingredients that might be too harsh and others that were not effective enough. I started researching the makeup of children’s skin and how different ingredients and percentages can affect my child’s skin.

After consulting and talking to several laboratories here in the states, my wife and I decided to work with a team of chemists that could help us tackle this problem and come up with some safe yet effective treatments for our daughter’s acne. We also came up with some protocols for teaching our daughter to take care of her skin.  

Our little girl's acne went away!  Shortly after that, my wife and I decided to make these and other problem-solving products available for parent’s that might have similar issues.

Our daughter is now 8yrs old and takes care of her skin religiously by washing her face twice a day (morning and night)

We are striving every day to make an impact in the lives of children and their parents, by focusing on skin care education and by offering high quality, safe and effective solutions for kids and pre-teens (tweens).                                                              

- Michael and Collette Canepa 



"I've tried so many different products on my 11 yr old daughter's face and finally came across your gentle skin cleanser.  She loves it and uses it everyday.  It doesn't irritate her skin like the other products do.  Thank you."  Geena, Studio City, CA 

"Hi this is Arrayah Tiphanie's daughter from Pediatric Physicians Center and I just wanted to tell you that Kidskin works really good on my skin! I use it every night and it is amazing!  The first day that I used it my face was soo clean and clear! So thank you soo much for Kidskin! It is AMAZING!"  Arrayah, Encino, CA 

"I love Kidskin!  My daughter loves it too.  She says it feels great on her skin (I've been using it also) The Sensitive Skin Cleanser works great!"  Lorena, Dallas, TX 

"Not sure if you remember me but you sent me the products to try on my daughter. I just wanted to let you know that she loves Kidskin. It has worked wonderfully for her skin. She loved it sooooooo much that she did a video about it on her fashion blog. I just wanted to say thank you and share this video with you.  Thanks again!"  Ariel,  San Diego, CA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8Fda7VO_GA   •   www.AmaniNFashion.com