Our Kidskin Journey

How Kidskin Started

When Jordan Canepa, eldest daughter of the Los Angeles-based Canepa family and co-founder of Kidskin, was just 6 years old, she started to experience acne and breakouts all over her face. Jordan’s parents were puzzled and eager find a cleanser to help their daughter. Soon they realized that when it comes to acne-related skincare, drug stores only carried products by brands whose ingredients were far too harsh for Jordan’s delicate, young skin. So, Jordan and Michael set out to create a solution that suited her needs.

First, Michael knew that his daughter needed a cleanser that was free of harsh ingredients and naturally safe and effective in removing the dirt and oil that was causing Jordan to break out. Utilizing his business-savvy background in medical-grade skincare, Michael worked with experts in their field including a team of chemists and dermatologists to formulate a gentle and effective cleanser using tea-tree oil that was safe to use on his daughter’s skin. Throughout the formulation process, Michael found Jordan’s input to be a crucial component in developing the perfect cleanser.

What they came up with not only helped Jordan’s acne problems, it became a favorite among friends and family who had children and teens with acne, too! In fact, the results and reviews were so overwhelming that Jordan and MIchael decided to launch their brand Kidskin and bring their products to other children, teens and families nationwide! Accompanied by her Dad, Jordan soon found herself speaking at trade shows, educating industry experts and customers on the kid-safe skincare line that saved her skin. The first product is now known as the Kidskin T-Blast Foaming Cleanser, and the first product in the three-step skincare kit that has already helped many children regain their confidence with clearer skin.

Kidskin Now

Operating as a team since 2013, the Canepa family proceeded to develop additional skincare products following the success of the Kidskin 3-Step Acne Kit, to help even more preteens and teens with unique skin concerns such as oily skin, rosacea, eczema and related skin-sensitivities. Jordan, now 13 years old, continues to be at the forefront of the Kidskin brand as a teen brand ambassador, regularly giving first-person interviews alongside her father to help get the word out about Kidskin’s amazing line of products that are perfect for kids ages 6-17 who are suffering from acne.

Kidskin’s Future

As the Kidskin family business continues to grow (up!), Kidskin is looking forward to offering its new and loyal customers even more than ever before. Currently Kidskin founders Jordan, Michael, Colette, and (now 7-year old daughter) Aiden are working to develop an expanded skincare line that includes body wash, deodorant, after-school wipes and more!