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Face Masks Can Cause Acne, Treat It Gently

As protective gear becomes more and more part of our everyday lives, face masks have become a common sight outside of a healthcare setting. Commonly seen in public spaces such as grocery stores, or even walking down the street, its increasing popularity means that people are taking responsible precautions to prevent and avoid the spread of sickness and germs.

While face masks are an effective way to protect against the spread of germs and bacteria, they often come with an unfortunate side effect for teens, tweens and even adults: breakouts.

Are these breakouts tormenting your kid? Luckily, there is a solution: Kidskin’s line of kid-safe products like the Gentle Cleanser For Kids can help combat teen and tween acne, even acne caused by the regular use of face masks. This article can help explain why.

But first, are you wondering why breakouts have become more frequent since using face masks? While we know it is extremely important to practice safety and hygiene right now and wearing face masks in public areas has been strongly recommended – teens and tweens may experience more bouts of acne while wearing face masks for a few simple reasons:

  • Face masks create blockage or closures to the hair follicle otherwise known as the pilosebaceous ducts. 
  • Humidity and temperature can get high beneath the face mask causing pimple flare ups and other skin-related inflammatory conditions such as rosacea. 
  • Friction caused by the mask rubbing against the skin can cause itchiness, rash and even a contact inflammatory response otherwise known as dermatitis.

Unfortunately, unless properly treated it is unlikely for your kid’s acne to go away on its own. Despite this, don’t let these acne-causing side-effects to wearing face masks put a damper on your teen or tween’s skin health during these stressful times. In fact, treating teen or tween acne caused by skin masks does not need to be complicated at all.

Child wearing a face mask.

Harsh Ingredients VS Gentle Cleansers

The truth is when it comes to sensitive and irritated skin, less is more. Most facial cleansers at the drug store have harsh ingredients and chemicals that may be too strong to be considered ideal for teen or tween skincare. While drug stores may be the first place any concerned parent may begin to look for a solution, they will likely only find shelves stocked with products that do more harm than good to young skin. These products often contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that can further damage teen or tween skin, especially when flare ups caused by face masks are concerned.

Opt instead for a face wash kids can use that is a safer, more gentler solution than conventional acne cleansers. Gentle cleansers are shown to be more effective at reducing teen and tween acne, so treat your kid to skincare specially formulated for their skin in mind. Kidskin’s Gentle Skin Cleanser For Kids is made for sensitive skin. It is also hydrating and non-comedogenic which is ideal for acne skin concerns caused by face mask irritations.

Kidskin formulates all their products including the Kidskin Gentle Cleanser for Kids to be free of parabens, sulfate, fragrance and gluten, which further helps calm even the most sensitive skin while ridding teen or tween skin of acne-causing agents effectively. 

Dermatologist and pediatrician-approved, treat your teen or tween to skincare that will make a difference. Check out the Kidskin product page for other helpful products and information that can help clear your kid’s acne for good!

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