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Top 10 Ways to Start Taking Care of Your Skin in Your Tweens

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Just like your heart and lungs, our skin is considered an organ. All our lives, we’ve learned about taking care of our heart and lungs, but they don’t teach skincare for kids in gym classes or health education. Since it is the largest organ of your body, we want to give it the time, attention, and education it deserves. Here are our top ten skincare for tweens tips.

10 Ways to Start Taking Care of Your Skin in Your Tweens

  1. Wash Your Face Daily
  2. Don't Sleep with Makeup on
  3. Wear Sunscreen
  4. Don't Listen to Old Wives Tales
  5. Wash Your Hands
  6. Clean Your Phone
  7. Don't Share Makeup
  8. Spray Hair Care Products
  9. Don't Pop, Poke or Pick
  10. Use the Right Products

1. Wash Your Face Daily

This is our absolute number one tip for skincare for kids to make sure your skin is happy, healthy, and acne-free. In just one day, the skin on your face has to deal with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and dead skin cells all piling up. You wash your hands after going to the bathroom, and you wash your body after you exercise; your face deserves the same level of attention! It needs your help to get the build-up of cells and bacteria off your skin so it can breathe. If you don’t wash your face, your pores can get clogged. Clogged pores mean acne, dryness, or irritation. This is why washing your face daily is the most important step for skincare for tweens.

2. Don’t Sleep with Makeup On

The first day your parents let you wear foundation or lip-gloss to school is exciting! You get to try out new products, and it can help cover any red spots or acne scars you’ve been a little embarrassed by. While we’re completely supportive of your decision to wear makeup (or not!), it’s important that you wash it off at the end of the day. If you sleep with your makeup on regularly, it will likely lead to clogged pores and a breakout, which is why it’s an important step in a skincare for tweens routine. Your pores need time to breathe, but if they’re covered with makeup, your pores can become clogged overnight. Sleeping with makeup on can also make your skin dry or irritated. We recommend washing your face as soon as you get home, that way by the time bedtime rolls around, you won’t be too tired to wash your face. A good routine focused on skincare for tweens starts with you making the time every day to care for your skin.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach; it needs to be a vital part of every routine focused on skincare for kids! Every day that you walk outside, your skin is exposed to UV rays. Even on days that it’s overcast outside, up to 80 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays can still reach your skin. Using sunscreen not only reduces the risk of skin cancer, but it will also keep the surface of your skin looking clear and healthy. The sun can result in acne and acne scars turning discolored or brown, causing them to stand out on your face and remain noticeable for longer than a regular, healed pimple would. Using sunscreen can protect not only your face but also your acne from sun damage. Although it might seem silly to lather on sunscreen every morning, even if there is snow on the ground, using a light sunscreen every day is an important step in creating a skincare for kids routine.

4. Don’t Listen to Old Wives Tales

You might have heard that putting toothpaste on a pimple at night will make it go away in the morning, but it can actually do more harm than good. Skincare for tweens is complicated enough without adding at-home remedies. There are ingredients found in toothpaste that can temporarily dry out your zit and make it appear smaller, but it’s not a real fix. Generally, a pimple takes up to seven days to heal, so there’s no magic cure that will make them go away overnight. What toothpaste can do to your skin is dry it out, and make it become red and irritated. You may even start to notice your skin flaking. No matter how bad you want a zit to go away, it’s important to use products that are suited for your face and are formulated as skincare for kids.

5. Wash Your Hands

It may not seem like washing your hands has much to do with a skincare for kids routine, but according to the University of Colorado at Boulder, on average your hands carry around 3,200 different types of bacteria from 150 different species. Now think of all the times you touch your face during the day. Do you rest your face on your hand when you’re sitting in class? Do you wipe the sweat off your face when you’re at team practice? Do you use your hands to apply makeup or wash your face? We touch our faces all the time — think of all the germs and bacteria you’re transferring to your face every day. To keep your face and your skin healthy, you need to make washing your hands a part of your routine. It’s as important to skincare for tweens as washing your face is, so keep those hands clean!

Kid washing hands.

6. Clean Your Phone

Did you know that using your phone could cause acne? We would guess you probably touch your phone more than you touch your face. That means all of those germs on your hands get transferred to your phone. Plus, think of all the places you put your phone down throughout the day; it’s covered with germs all on its own. If you’re concerned about skincare for tweens, then you also need to be concerned about the cleanliness of a tweens’ phones. Talking on the phone can cause your skin to sweat, become irritated, or clog your pores. All the germs and bacteria on your phone can get trapped and pushed down into your skin, causing breakouts all along your cheeks and jaws. So remember keeping your phone clean is a vital part of any skincare for tweens routine.

7. Don’t Share Makeup

Sometimes it’s tempting to try your friend’s brand new lip-gloss, eyeshadow, or highlighter, but it’s not worth it! Just like you, your friends accumulate germs and bacteria on their hands and faces throughout the day, but unlike you, they may not be following a strict skincare for tweens routine. Plus, your hands and face aren’t the only things that gather bacteria. Makeup brushes and other applicators also carry bacteria. That means you can transfer these germs from one person to another. Not to mention, the moist, dark containers like the kind makeup comes in allows germs to thrive. It might seem strange to mention makeup when talking about skincare for kids, but even small children start playing with their mom’s makeups from a young age.

8. Spray Hair Care Products

If you find yourself regularly breaking out around your hairline, it might be the products you’re using in your hair. If you’re using heavy gels or creams, they could be clogging your pores and causing your skin to break out. Products that you spray on your hair are less likely to cause breakouts, but you should still be careful to point them away from your face. Make it a regular part of any skincare for kids routine to check the ingredients in any hair products you’re using.

9. Don’t Pop, Poke or Pick

We know how tempting it is to want to pop a pimple. It hurts, it’s throbbing, and you feel like it’s sticking out like a sore thumb on your face. As tempting as it is, don’t do it! Popping, poking, or picking at a pimple won’t get rid of the problem. In fact, popping or poking at a pimple can actually push the bacteria and pus deeper into your pores. This can cause more swelling, redness, and can lead to scarring. While you think it might get rid of your zit faster, it could create scars or pits on your face that last far longer than any pimple would. The best way to deal with pimples is to create a solid skincare for kids routine and stick to it. The more diligent you are about your skincare routine, the more likely that your face will stay happy and healthy.

10. Use the Right Products

Not everyone’s skin is the same. You probably have some friends who never have acne, other friends who get small breakouts all over their face, and other friends that get deep cystic acne. Their skincare needs won’t be the same as yours. First, you want to determine what kind of skin you have. If you have sensitive skin, you might notice that your skin gets irritated easily, or gets dry, itchy, or flaky when you try new products or breaks out easily. If that sounds like you, then you need a skincare for kids routine that focuses on sensitive skin. You might notice your skin is a lot oilier than a friend’s skin. Oily skin just means your skin produces more oil than it needs. If that’s the case, it could be easy for your pores to become clogged by the excess oil. If this sounds like your skin, you would need a skincare for kids routine that focuses specifically on oily skincare products. Pay attention to the needs of your skin and how it reacts to different products.

Kidskin Skincare for Tweens Products

We know that finding the right products and creating the right routine can be difficult. All the information out there about skincare routines is aimed at young adults. That’s why we created a skincare for tweens product line. Our products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of tweens. Here are a few of our products that match perfectly with our top ten tips for skincare for tweens.

  1. Kidskin Gentle Skin Cleanser
  2. Daily Sunscreen SPF 30
  3. Z-Blast Acne Serum
  4. Calming Moisturizer for Kids

1. Kidskin Gentle Skin Cleanser

If you’ve had a hard time finding a good face wash that is safe to use on sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea, dry skin, or oily skin, we understand. That’s why we created the Gentle Skin Cleanser. It features powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-bacterial ingredients in a mild, foaming cleanser. It offers the perfect balance of hydration and lightweight consistency, and it specifically focuses on healing sensitive, irritated, and compromised skin conditions, making it the perfect cleanser to incorporate into your skincare for tweens routine.


Kidskin gentle cleanser



We’ve already talked about how important sunscreen is for your daily routine, but it can be hard to find a sunscreen that isn’t too heavy, oily, or likely to make your skin breakout. Our sunscreen uses Zinc Oxide instead of chemical-based sun protection that you find in most common sunscreens. It is a hypoallergenic lotion, making it suitable for even the most sensitive kid’s face and body. Our sunscreen is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free, so you can feel confident that you’re putting a quality product on your face.


Kidskin suncreen SPF30



Even if you take the absolute best care of your skin, there’s still the possibility of breakouts. We know it’s frustrating. Our Z-Blast Acne Serum is designed for problematic skin and attacks the oil behind your acne, as well as the actual pimple. Our formula combines anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial ingredients with Salicylic Acid to create an effective serum, without the drying effects that many other serums cause.


Kidskin Z-Blast acne serum



This moisturizer is made to calm and soothe skin, clear imperfections like blemishes and large pores, and boost the immune function of your skin. It can also help heal sensitive, irritated, and compromised skin, as well as protects your skin from future damage. It’s a gentle, non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizer, so you never have to worry about it causing a breakout as you might with other moisturizers.  


Kidskin calming moisturizer


Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a lot of work. By setting aside five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed, you can have beautiful, glowing skin. Creating a routine that specifically focuses on skincare for kids ensures that your specific skincare needs are met. If you’re still not sure where to start, head over to our website to find products made with kids and tweens in mind.

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