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Dermakids Hydrocolloid Acne Patch (108)

Dermakids Hydrocolloid Acne Patch (108)

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Are you struggling with unsightly blemishes?

Most people get to enjoy poreless, beautiful skin in the first decade or so of their lives. However, as soon as puberty hits, the body undergoes several changes and the clear skin is gone, only to be replaced by an oily and sometimes acne-prone complexion.

Regardless of your age, however, acne and blemishes are always an unwelcome sight. These red, angry bumps often draw unwanted attention from your peers and all you want to do is get rid of them ASAP. But how can you do that?

Treat and care for your zits the right way using the Dermakids Hydrocolloid Patches!

Our hydrocolloid pimple patches help eliminate surface-level blemishes such as zits, whiteheads, and blackheads. They help by absorbing excess fluids like sebum and gunk. The moisture absorption may also support the acceleration of the healing process. Its moist environment may aid in protecting you from the formation of scars.

If you popped a zit, place this zit patch on it to keep the open wound protected from external impurities. The patch also blocks you from picking at the pimples and scabs. These situations may aggravate the blemish and can slow down the healing process.

Our hydrocolloid patches donโ€™t just help you with pimples but with minor wounds and insect bites, too. Its moisture-absorbing and protective properties may help heal scratches, paper cuts, shaving nicks, and mosquito bites. Once the moisture is fully absorbed, the patch turns white and you can remove it.

Here are more reasons to love our zit patches:

- Absorbs moisture without drying your skin
- 108 Clear patches (36 hearts and 72 circles)
- Spot remedy for hard-to-reach zits

Let your acne and cuts heal faster. Add the Dermakids Hydrocolloid Patches to your cart NOW!

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