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Best Accessories to Enhance Your Kid Skincare Routine - Kidskin

Best Accessories to Enhance Your Kid Skincare Routine

Pimples, oily skin, and body odor; growing and developing is so much fun, right? Not! So, stay on top of your kid skin and body care routine to look and feel your best. With a few skincare tools and accessories, we guarantee making skincare a priority for kids will be super easy.


The Importance of Morning Skincare

Snoozing your alarm one more time instead of getting up to wash your face might sound like the ideal choice, but it won’t be good for your skin. Having a morning skincare routine preps your skin for the day ahead. It wakes your skin up and washes away any leftover sleep or eye boogers still lingering on your face. Parents, when your child takes the time to care for their skin, you will notice the boost in their confidence.


Morning Skincare Steps

Now that we’ve convinced you to start a morning skincare routine, how can you do it? Once you’ve identified your skin type and skin’s specific needs, you can take the proper steps to keep it clean and healthy.

Don’t stress, though; you can care for your kid skin in three simple steps:

  1. cleanser
  2. moisturizer
  3. sunscreen


  1. Cleanser for Kid Skin

When you’re rolling out of bed early in the morning for school, a splash of water and a refreshing cleanser is exactly what you need. Washing your face will wake you up in the morning and leave you feeling ready to conquer your math test, soccer game, or whatever the day has in store. Once you’ve cleansed your kid skin, you know you’ll be fresh and clean all day long.

If you have oily skin, cleansing your face in the morning will keep the shine down through the day. A fantastic choice for oily kid skin is our T-blast foaming cleanser. The active ingredient, tea tree oil, fights breakouts at the source. A great pick for kids with sensitive skin is our gentle skin cleanser.


  1. Moisturizer as an Essential

Olivia Rodrigo doesn’t naturally have magically glowing skin; it’s because she moisturizes! If you want your face to look and feel radiant, one of our most essential skincare tips is that you should always use a moisturizer after you cleanse. Even though cleansing is a necessary part of your skincare routine, it might strip your skin of some of its natural oils. Using a moisturizer will bring those oils back to the surface.

Even if you have oily skin, you shouldn’t be skipping out on moisturizer. Failing to moisturize can actually cause your skin to produce the oil that it’s lacking. So, check out our gentle skin moisturizer. Parents, if your kid’s skin is on the dry and acne-prone side, the Kidskin calming moisturizer could be helpful to their routine.


  1. Sunscreen for Ultimate Protection

Get your kids into the habit of sun care from a young age! Wearing a daily sunscreen will prevent you from getting sunburnt and protect you from the sun’s rays at all times. Of course, kids shouldn’t be worrying about sun damage quite yet, but it’s reassuring to know you’re preventing it early on. The Kidskin daily sunscreen has zinc oxide, a more natural ingredient than the harsh chemicals in most sunscreens for kid skin.


Accessories for Your Morning Skincare Routine

Adding some fun, extra touches to your skincare routine will make it feel so much more personalized and exciting. Skincare tools and accessories aren’t necessary, but they can help make the most out of your morning skincare.

Some of our favorite accessories for a morning kid skin routine are:

  • spa headband
  • Caboodle for skincare tools
  • skincare fridge


Spa Headband

There’s nothing worse than spending all morning taming your hair just to get it wet when you wash your face. If you have long hair, keep it out of your face with a skincare tool, like a spa headband. Then, you won’t have to worry about getting cleanser and sunscreen in your hair anymore. There are tons of fun colors and patterns in this spa headband set, so you can have one to match all of your pajamas in the morning.


Caboodle for Skincare Tools

The only downside to having an epic kid skin routine is the clutter it takes up on your bathroom counter. Parents and kids alike will love having a cute little case to hold all your skincare products. Caboodles are a super cute storage option that will keep everything compact. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes to fit your kid skin needs.


Skincare Fridge

Kids, if you’re allowed to be on Tik Tok, or parents who have the app, we’re sure you’ve seen the rise in popularity of skincare fridges. Who can blame kids, tweens, and teens for wanting skincare storage that’s cute, unique, and beneficial for their face? A skincare fridge definitely isn’t necessary to feel the full effects of your products, but keeping them cold can reduce redness and puffiness in the morning. Plus, your parents will be happy that all your products are off the bathroom counter and tucked into your skincare fridge in your bedroom.


Why Have a Nighttime Skincare Routine?

As much as we wish keeping kid skin healthy were as simple as plopping on some cleanser and sunscreen in the morning, the most essential part of caring for your face actually comes at night. Your nighttime skincare routine removes dirt, oil, makeup, and any other residue left from the day. It will allow the skin to fully replenish itself while you’re asleep and reduce skin issues like acne, dryness, and irritation.


Nighttime Skincare Steps

Before you crawl into bed after a long day, wind down with your nighttime kid skin routine. You might not feel like it when all you want to do is lay down and catch up on your favorite Netflix show, but you’ll feel much more relaxed once you do.

The three steps for a perfect nighttime skincare routine are:

  1. cleanse
  2. spot treatment
  3. hydrate


  1. A Gentle Cleanse

Cleansing your face at night will eliminate any dirt or oil left over from the day on the skin. The makeup you tried on, sweat from gym class, and leftover pizza grease lingering on your face all affect your skin and its condition. To make sure your skin’s fresh and ready to rejuvenate itself through the night, use a cleanser before you go in with the rest of your skincare products.


  1. Spot Treatment for Acne

If pesky breakouts love to overstay their welcome on your face, a spot treatment would be a great addition to your nighttime skincare routine. It’s not a necessary step but can be great for targeting stubborn pimples overnight. Simply apply a small amount to your problem areas before moisturizing. Parents, don’t worry because our spot treatment isn’t filled with harsh ingredients like some acne treatments.


  1. Hydrate the Skin

A long day of exposure can leave your kid skin stripped of some of its natural oils. However, you can make it feel refreshed at night by using a moisturizer before bed. You’ll love the feeling of soft, smooth skin on your pillow when you’re heading off to sleep.


Skincare Tools for Your Nighttime Routine

Just like with your morning skincare, you’ll love personalizing your nighttime kid skin routine with skincare tools. A few simple additions can make your nightly skin routine feel like a trip to the spa.

Our favorite skincare tools for nighttime are:

  • reusable makeup wipes
  • kid skin cleansing brush
  • face roller
  • face mask brush

Reusable Makeup Wipes

Parents, the age your child starts wearing makeup and where they can wear it is totally up to you. If your kiddo has started experimenting, or maybe you let them throw on a little lip gloss before movie night with their friends, they need to be taking it off at night. Kids, following a NikkieTutorials video is super fun but not the best for your growing and developing skin.

If you ever do play around with makeup at home or with your friends, you need to make sure you take it off before doing your skincare routine. If you don’t use a proper skincare tool to remove your makeup, you won’t be able to feel the full effects of your products. Plus, who wants mascara-stained pillows or a sticky, lip gloss-covered blanket? To prevent that, use a skincare tool like reusable cleansing cloths since disposable makeup wipes can be harsh on your skin.


Kid Skin Cleansing Brush

Do you want to give your skin a mini spa treatment at home? A cleansing brush is a perfect way to do it. Not only do they prevent you from touching your face with your hands, but they work to scrub away lingering dirt, oil, and residue. This skincare tool isn’t needed to perfect your skincare routine, but it will leave your face feeling super smooth.

If you want a skincare tool that’s a bit more affordable, check out silicone massaging cleansers. They don’t have a spinning feature; however, they are super easy to clean and reuse. Plus, they’ll be just as effective at scrubbing away dirt from your kid skin.


Face Roller

Face rollers are a super trendy skincare tool, and it’s not hard to see why people love them. They can massage products into your face and fully sink them into the skin. You’ll love your little nightly face massage to relax you before bed. This face roller kit also comes with a Gua Sha, a Chinese skincare tool used to increase circulation and help rejuvenate the face while reducing puffiness.


Face Mask Brush

What kid doesn’t love doing face masks during a sleepover with their besties? Face masks are super fun, and some can be incredible for your skin. Parents, if your bathroom looks like a finger painting studio when your kids do face masks, you’ll love face mask brushes. This skincare tool makes the application process easy and mess-free!


Keeping your Body Clean and Healthy

Having a body care routine is just as important as your kid skin regimen. You don’t want to be walking around with smelly armpits because you spent too much time focusing on your glowing skin. So, develop a body care routine to smell amazing and feel your best.

A coconut scrub or cupcake body wash might smell great in the shower, but they won’t benefit your skin. If you have body acne, certain fragrances can be irritating and cause more breakouts. Banish odor and body acne all in one with the Kidskin tea tree body wash. If you want a body wash that is soothing and relaxing on the skin, try out our mandarin body wash.

Of course, growing kids and their parents know body wash can only go so far. Body odor is a super fun and exciting (not) part of getting older. Keep your kids’ skin smelling fresh with a natural fragrance and aluminum-free deodorant

Some of the ingredients in popular kids’ deodorants are harmful. Steer clear of things like aluminum, chlorohydrate, and parabens. Contrary to popular beliefs, your kids can avoid body odor without enduring harsh chemicals.


Our Favorite Accessories for Body Care

We get that showering or taking a bath isn’t exactly the most exciting and relaxing experience for kids like it would be for adults. Enhance your kid’s body care routine and make it more fun with some skincare tools and accessories.

Some of our favorite skincare tools for keeping your body clean and fresh are:

  • silicone body scrubber
  • bath bomb or shower fizzy


Silicone Body Scrubber

Normal loofahs are kind of impossible to clean (ew) and need to be replaced often. The best option for kid skin is a silicone body scrubber. It will exfoliate and remove dead skin without being too harsh. The silicone material of this skincare tool is super easy to clean, and it’s a great way to break in your Kidskin body wash!


Bath Bomb or Shower Fizzy

Kids, if you need help winding down before you can go to sleep, bath bombs or shower fizzies would be an excellent skincare tool for you. When you take a bath, bath bombs can add a relaxing scent. Plus, a blue or tie-dye bath sounds much more appealing than the same old bubbles you’re used to.

If you’re more of a shower person, you can still relax during your body care routine. Shower fizzies provide aromatherapy, uplifting your mood and helping you wind down. They’re also super easy to use; just plop them on the shower floor underneath the water before you get in!

Parents and kids, we hope this guide to all things kid skin care and accessories helped improve your routine. With a few fun skincare tools, your regime will be something to look forward to every morning and night. Get ready to say goodbye to breakouts, blackheads, and irritated kid skin.

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