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Morning Skincare for Kids

Does your skin feel dim and dull in the morning? Do you think it could use some freshening up? Creating a morning skincare routine can help your skin feel its best every day.

A morning skincare routine should include using products that work best for your skin type. Kid skincare helps kids form healthy habits early in life, which is good because there are many benefits to setting aside a few minutes for skincare in the morning. 


Importance of Morning Skincare

Developing a morning skincare routine is important for multiple reasons. People of all ages, including kids and tweens, can reap the benefits of morning skincare. A nighttime skincare routine isn’t always enough to keep your skin healthy. Taking care of your skin in the morning removes any leftover products and dirt from the night before. Morning skincare also helps prep the skin for the day ahead. If you are prone to acne, morning skincare can help minimize breakouts and prevent them from coming up in the future. 


Routine for Morning Skincare

A morning skincare routine should be quick and straightforward to get the day started.

You can get your skin prepped for the day in four simple steps:

  1. cleanse
  2. spot treat
  3. moisturize
  4. apply sunscreen



Cleanser is an essential step for kid skincare. It removes any excess dirt and bacteria from the night before. When choosing products for your routine, make sure they are the best products for your skin type. There are products catered toward sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and every other skin type in between. Cleanser has many benefits, but it can also strip some of the natural oils found in the skin so make sure to follow with a moisturizer.

Spot Treat 

Applying a spot treatment can help get rid of breakouts. While this step isn’t essential, we do recommend a spot treatment if you struggle with acne. Spot treatments can help reduce the pain, stress, and swelling of a breakout. We offer a treatment with salicylic acid, which is a powerful acne-fighting ingredient. 

Teenage girl doing acne spot treatment.


Moisturizer brings oils back to the surface of your skin. It prevents dryness throughout the day, which is especially needed in the colder months. Just like cleansers, moisturizers can help prevent breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, they can be very soothing. Plus, moisturizer adds a protective layer onto the skin after cleansing it.

Apply Sunscreen

Lastly, sunscreen is a crucial step for kid skincare. SPF is vital for people of all skin types. UV rays are damaging even on days when the sun isn’t shining. Using sunscreen when you’re young can help prevent skin cancer and other skin issues later in life.

Preventing wrinkles isn’t a necessary part of kid skincare, but it doesn’t hurt to know that sunscreen slows aging of the skin. Since kids spend lots of time outside, it’s important to apply sunscreen every morning to ward off unwanted issues as they get older. 


 Forming a Habit with Morning Skincare

Starting the day off by caring for your skin sets the tone for the entire day. Splashing some water on your face before cleansing it in the morning can wash away the grogginess of sleep from the night before. When the skin feels refreshed, it’s easier for you to feel refreshed and energized, too. 

Creating a morning skincare routine at a young age starts the habit of good skincare throughout your life. It is easier to continue an ongoing habit than to form a new one as an adult. Kid skincare can show the importance of good hygiene. Plus, healthy habits like skincare routines help kids create a sense of self-care.

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