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Skincare Routine for Tweens - Kidskin

Skincare Routine for Tweens

Oh no! You’ve just woken up to a giant zit on your forehead, you have a math test in 3rd period, and you still have no clue what you’re wearing to your friend’s party this weekend! During stressful times that are all too common in a tween’s life, there’s already enough going on without having to worry about acne or other skin concerns messing with your self-esteem. A skincare routine can be that extra boost of confidence you are looking for. 

Why Tweens Should Have a Skincare Routine

With all the fun and fabulous (not really) experiences that come along with puberty, your skin is likely to feel the effects. Tween skin is sensitive to everything your body is going through, from raging hormones and growth spurts to the bar of chocolate you devoured when you were hangry. Your skin could have different reactions to these factors, depending on your skin type. Your skin may be oily, sensitive, dry, combination, or normal. Creating a skincare routine can help you take better care of your tween skin and get to know it better. When you get a breakout, it’s better to have a hold on it and know how to treat it rather than stress popping and developing a scar later. 

Self-care is so important, and you need to learn that in your tweens. Following a skincare routine is one way to care for yourself and practice a healthy habit. We know how it feels to get insecure when you see acne starting to develop or notice your skin is way oilier than average. Developing a tween skincare routine that’s just right for you is what you need to bring your confidence through the roof! Insecurities will have nothing on your glowing skincare routine.

Makeup and Tween Skincare  

Experimenting with makeup in your tweens is super fun! Trying out different things and discovering your style is a significant part of your tween years. Makeup is a cool thing to try, but leaving it on your skin for too long can cause damage. It’s kind of like a tween skincare crime to fall asleep wearing makeup. Throughout the day, it can trap dirt from the environment in your pores. While you sleep, your skin is supposed to renew itself.

When you sleep with makeup on, you can experience:

  • clogged pores

  • bumps

  • puffy eyes

  • dull skin

  • irritated skin

When pores clog and your skin becomes irritated overnight, it prevents the skin’s natural renewal process.

 Makeup makes it hard for your skin to “breathe,” which can cause acne. A common myth is that simply washing your face will take off your makeup. False! You need to go in with a makeup remover first. Just washing your face isn’t enough to remove every last trace of stubborn makeup. Make sure you take your makeup off before doing your skincare routine.

 Girl doing her makeup.

Skincare Products for Tween Skin

If you’ve seen any celebrity skincare routines, you might be expecting to see a list of fancy oils, serums, and masks. However, tween skincare doesn’t need a complex set of products to get the job done.

You can keep your skin looking fresh and squeaky clean with just:

  • cleanser
  • spot treatment
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen


Tween Skin Cleanser 

Cleanser is a super important step for tween skincare and keeping imperfections away from your skin. Cleanser takes away dirt and oil left on the skin’s surface from the day’s adventures. We recommend our T-blast foaming cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin. It has tea tree oil, a potent ingredient for banishing breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, try out our gentle skin cleanser. It’s lovely for all skin types because it has a gentle and non-irritating formula. 


Spot Treatment for Zits

Ugh, breakouts are the worst! Using a spot treatment can help get rid of stubborn pimples that can’t seem to get the hint that they’ve overstayed their welcome on your face. It has 2.5% salicylic acid, which is excellent for getting rid of acne. Just apply a small amount to your problem areas and say goodbye to breakouts. Spot treatment isn’t one of our essential steps for tween skincare, but you should add it to your routine if you think it could work for you!


Moisturizer for Tween Skin

The environment can be harsh on tweens, causing dry and irritated skin. Moisturizer helps replenish the skin’s natural oils while also bringing in any oils the skin may be lacking. If you have dry skin or acne, try out our calming moisturizer. It is gentle and non-greasy, so it will moisturize without making you look oily. More of a sensitive skin guy or gal? We have a gentle moisturizer explicitly made for a sensitive tween skincare routine. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and healthy.



A lot of tweens don’t know that you should be wearing sunscreen daily. It’s fun to lay out in the summer and catch some rays with your besties, but a little sunburn today could cause more damage later in life. Sunscreen definitely needs to be part of your tween skincare routine. Try out our daily sunscreen with SPF30 and zinc oxide, a powerful ingredient for keeping the skin safe from UV rays. You can make sure your skin is safe by using sunscreen every day before leaving your house. Yes, even in the winter. Just because the sun’s not shining doesn’t mean it can’t do any damage! 


Forming a Skincare Routine

Now that you know all about essential tween skincare products, you can create your very own personalized skincare routine! Even though it’s fun to swap and share products with your friends, everyone’s skin is different, so make sure your products work for your skin.

Morning Skincare Routine 

When you wake up in the morning, your skin has had all night to renew and replenish itself. Your skin might be feeling good when you roll out of bed, but you’re not off the hook quite yet. Your morning tween skincare routine might not be as thorough as your nighttime skincare routine, but you should still be cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen in the morning. Your morning skincare routine will get you ready to conquer the day, feeling glowing and refreshed. Plus, who doesn’t need a splash of water in their face to wake them up in the morning?

Night Skincare Routine

Before you go to bed is the best time to do your full tween skincare routine. While your body’s asleep, your skin gets to work! Following all steps at night will help your skin get the most benefits from your products. A nighttime skincare routine prevents you from leaving any dirt and oil from the day lingering on your skin. It’ll be nice to go to bed feeling nice and clean, knowing you just took terrific care of your skin!


Skincare is a super important part of your “tweenage” years. We hope these tips helped you get a grip on your tween skincare routine. Work on healthy skin and try to enjoy your tweens! They’re not all stress and hormones, after all. Check out our top 10 tips for more ways to take care of your tween skin if you want more tips!


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