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Acne-Causing Foods Teens Should Avoid!

Your teen’s diet can play a major role in their health. In fact, their eating habits can directly impact their performance in school, sports, and even their social lives. But did you know even your teen’s acne can be caused by some of their favorite foods?

There are several factors that contribute to acne among teens and preteens. While hormones, bacteria, and stress play a major role, one of the contributing factors towards unwanted pimples may also be in your adolescent’s diet.

Chips, pizza, and Frappuccinos: if any of these are some of your teen’s favorite foods read along to see how this might be negatively affecting their skin!

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Snacks – Greasy, Processed, or Fried:

Snack attacks happen, and while it may be tempting to reach for a bag of your favorite potato chips or even a side of French fries, processed and fried foods are a gold-mine for inflammatory response in adolescent skin. When reaching for a snack, it’s best to avoid foods fried in soy, corn, or peanut oils which are loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids that have a tendency to wreak havoc on an adolescent’s teens complexion.

Fast, Easy, and Cheesy Meals:

While a slice of cheesy pizza or a comforting bowl of mac n cheese may be an easy favorite (and the food-of-choice after school, post-soccer practice and for birthday parties), your teen may want to avoid these if they’re experiencing acne. It is widely known that dairy products contain a milk protein called casein which increase hormones that may stimulate oil production and clog pores. Not only that, the refined sugars in these foods and layer of grease may also be causing an inflammatory response that can result in reoccurring breakouts and acne.


Drinks With Too Much Zing:

Another unexpected skin culprit may be in your teen’s favorite drinks. Frappuccinos, sodas, and energy drinks are loaded with caffeine which is dehydrating to the skin thus weakening the skin’s moisture barrier. Meanwhile the refined sugars continue to wreak havoc and illicit an inflammatory response that may lead to unsightly cysts developing on your teen’s face and even their body!

Kidskin’s line of acne-fighting products such as the 3-Step Acne Treatment Kit For Preteens and Teens (link) are specially formulated to be safe, gentle and effective regardless of skin type or cause of acne. However, if you child’s acne-related problems persist, it might be time to consider changing up their diet to reduce their intake of dairy, processed foods, refined sugars, carbs, caffeine, and unhealthy fats and introduce more whole fresh foods such as fruits, vegetable, whole grains, and lean meats. 


Be sure to check out Kidskin’s product page for everything teens and preteens need that can help them feel great in the skin they’re in!

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