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Tips for Clear Skin for Tweens

No matter which way you slice it, being a tween is tough. Not only are they becoming more independent, but they are also taking on more challenging work at school and experiencing dramatic changes in their bodies. Some of the most notable changes tweens go through happen on their faces.  Tween skin is subject to hormonal fluctuations that lead to the enlarging of oil-producing glands. More oil production results in - you guessed it - oilier skin, along with enlarged pores, blackheads, and acne.

Whether it’s your tween’s very first breakout or chronic acne, how can tweens get and maintain clear skin? Kidskin’s line of skin care products will start your tween off on their skin care journey!

 Teen with acne on her chin

Where to Begin for Clear Skin for Tweens

The best place to start is to identify what type of skin your tween has. Does she have dry skin or more oily skin? Is his skin sensitive to the sun or chemicals in skin care products?  Knowing your tween’s skin type will change the kinds of products your tween uses. Tweens with oily skin should stick with foaming gel cleansers that will keep their pores clear, while those with dry skin should be sure to use a rich cleanser and moisturizer after bathing.

If your tween is experiencing any chronic skin care issue, including acne, you’ll want to search for products that not only fit with her skin type but are also tough on the bacteria that cause chronic breakouts.


Products We Love for Tween Skin Care

Tween skin is sensitive skin. Kidskin products are designed to be gentle and effective on all skin types - check out our three favorites below:

 Teen girl with smooth skin.

Skin Care Musts for All Skin Types

No matter your tween’s skin type, there are a few steps they should take to be sure that their skin remains clear:

  • Cleanse gently every day: Your child should aim to cleanse their face with a gentle cleanser at least once a day. For those with drier or oilier skin, washing twice a day is recommended. Follow this up with a moisturizer to lock in water and hydrate their skin.
  • Wash off makeup before bed: Makeup left on your tween’s face overnight will lead to bumps and breakouts. Make sure your tween knows that regardless of how close they are with their friends, makeup sharing should be off-limits as well!
  • Keep your hands clean: If your child touches their face or redoes their makeup throughout the day without washing their hands first, dirt and bacteria can jump from their hands straight onto their faces. A quick hand wash is key to keeping dirt and germs away from their face!
  • Wear sunblock: Sunblock protects your child’s skin from premature aging, skin cancer, and helps control acne breakouts. Be sure to find an oil-free option when making your product selection.
  • Hydrate!: Eight glasses of water a day, paired with water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumber, will help keep your tween’s skin looking fresh and clear (and will give them more energy throughout the day)!


Being a tween is an exciting but nerve-wracking time for kids. By taking proper care of their skin, tweens will have the confidence they need to ace middle school and build proper hygiene habits that last through their teenage and adult years.

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