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Top Tips for Proper Skin Care for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls have a lot on their minds and even more on their plates. It's not easy to balance school, friends, family, and extracurriculars with getting enough sleep, eating healthfully and, of course, practicing proper skin care. Your daughter may have a face wash and moisturizing routine that she sticks to religiously, but the reality of being a teenager is that breakouts are inevitable. It can be particularly challenging for teenagers to deal with acne on their faces.


So how can teenage girls take care of their skin? It's crucial to keep in mind that skin type and sensitivity will play a considerable role in the kind of products your daughter will use on her skin. Once she's figured out her skin type, there are some necessary skin care steps that she should follow. Read on for Kidskin’s tips for proper skin care for teenage girls!


Cleanse Carefully and Thoroughly

Between waking up early for classes and staying up late to finish homework, your teenager may "forget" to wash her face. Your daughter may argue that a quick rinse in the shower is good enough for skin care. We're here to set the record straight - failing to wash your face correctly allows dirt, germs, makeup, and other impurities to build up and clog pores. If too much buildup occurs, your teen's pores will clog, and she'll experience a breakout.


Skin type matters when figuring out your skin care routine. Girls with oily skin should choose a foaming gel face wash, while those with drier skin do best with mild cleansers and perfume-free moisturizers. Be sure your daughter cleanses her face at least once a day, twice if she wears makeup or plays a super sweaty sport after school.


Teen removing her makeup

Remove Your Makeup!

Makeup is a fantastic way for your daughter to express herself and show her creative side. However, if your teenager hits the hay before removing her makeup, she'll wake up to blemishes or a bumpy rash - also known as perioral dermatitis - on her face. Along with using a gentle face wash to remove makeup, she can follow up with a makeup-removing cloth to be sure she's gotten her face as makeup-free as possible.


Control Oil Production

Oil production in the skin varies from person to person, but teenagers with oily skin are much more acne-prone than those with normal to dry skin. Hormones cause oil production to spike, so any hormonal fluctuations your daughter experiences will show up on her skin.


Luckily, there are ways for your teenager to keep oiliness under control. She'll want to wash her face two to three times per day with a simple face wash and water. Cleansing pads that contain salicylic acid are also helpful to use throughout the day to blot away excess oil. Any additional products your daughter uses for skin care should be labeled non-comedogenic, meaning they do not clog pores.

 Woman with acne.

Get the Right Products for Acne

Many girls deal with acne during their teenage years. Though acne is often outside of your daughter's control due to hormonal fluctuations, that doesn't mean that she shouldn't treat breakouts as they appear.


To effectively treat and diminish acne flare-ups, your daughter will need to use a face wash and an acne serum to target stubborn areas. Kidskin's 3-Step Acne Treatment Kit includes a gentle foaming cleanser to rid your daughter's face of impurities. It also features an acne serum, made of salicylic acid, and a moisturizer for hydration. Sticking to this skin care routine will help keep her acne at bay and soothe skin, leaving her feeling confident and happier!


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Between school, sports, homework, and hanging out with friends, it can be tough for teenage girls to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water each day will have positive side effects on your daughter's energy, mindset, and complexion. Her skin is her largest organ; hydrating throughout the day will keep her skin looking bright, young, and blemish-free. 


Aside from carrying a water bottle around, your teenager can hydrate by eating water-rich foods, such as cucumber and watermelon, and incorporating a hydrating face wash and moisturizer into her skin care routine.


Teen washing her face

Wear Sunblock

Even during the winter months, sunblock is a vital step in teenagers' skin care routines. A proper sunblock, like KidSkin's Daily Sunscreen SPF 30, can protect your daughter's skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its primary ingredient is zinc oxide, which is gentle on teenager's skin and won't cause further breakouts. Daily use will keep your teenager's skin looking healthy well into adulthood.


Our Favorite Products for Teenage Skin Care

Even if your daughter commits to proper skin care, it may take some time for her to determine which products are appropriate for her skin type. She may try a few products and find that they cause further breakouts; so she should expect some trial and error at the start of her skin care journey.


 At Kidskin, teenage skin care is our specialty. We've come up with our favorite cleanser, moisturizer, and acne serum to get your daughter started on her skin care journey:

  • Gentle Skin Cleanser for Kids, Sensitive Skin - Our anti-inflammatory face wash features antioxidants and peptides to tackle the dirt and bacteria that cause redness and breakouts.
  • Z-Blast Acne Serum - Used for spot treatment, our acne serum contains salicylic acid that targets both pimples and the oil that causes them. Our serum is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Calming Moisturizer for Kids, Dry Skin and Acne - This moisturizer will feel like a dream to your teenager. Its gentle, non-greasy formula is non-comedogenic and soothes skin imperfections and dry patches.


Clear Skin Here She Comes!

While it may seem daunting, committing to the right skin care routine will leave your teenager's skin looking fresh and blemish-free. Clear skin will give her an extra boost of confidence during some of her most challenging adolescent years. Start your daughter off with a basic face wash and moisturizer combo and watch her interest in skin care grow from there!

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