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Tips for Proper Skin Care for Teenage Girls

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Tips for Proper Skin Care for Teenage Girls

Few of us are immune to how much fun the winter can be. The winter season brings with it tons of excitement, from holidays and presents to beautiful snow and warm cups of hot chocolate. You'll spend a ton of time with your friends and family and take part in eating the most delicious food and sweet treats. You'll also get time off from school - what could be better?

While the season is full of joy, the winter weather often wreaks havoc on our skin. The freezing temperatures and blustery winds can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky and, worst of all, can cause it to crack and bleed. If you aren't proactive about using the right products and face wash or practicing proper skin care before the winter sets in, you'll struggle to rehydrate your dry skin throughout the holiday season.

Read on for our best practices and product recommendations for winter skin care!


Be Super Gentle on your Skin

The winter weather will be hard enough on your skin; don't add insult to injury by using a face wash with harsh ingredients! A gentle face cleanser will keep your skin hydrated and won't strip away the essential oil your skin produces. Winter weather can exacerbate dryness, even for those who don't usually deal with dry skin. To keep your skin from completely drying out, be sure to cleanse your face twice a day.

To combat your skin's winter blues, try Kidskin Gentle Skin Cleanser for Kids. This face wash is packed with powerful antioxidants and peptides to tackle bacteria and inflammation for all skin types! Mix this cleanser with warm water and gently rub it into your skin for maximum hydration. Your dry skin won't stand a chance against this face wash, which gently targets the healing of sensitive, irritated skin.


Keep Heat at Bay

If you've been outside in the cold for a sports practice or sledding with your friends, a hot bath may sound super appealing to warm your entire body up. Before you turn the tap to scalding, remember your winter skin care routine! The intense heat of the bath or a shower breaks down your skin's natural lipid barrier, which leads to a loss of moisture. You may come out of the shower with skin even more cracked and dry than before.

Instead, try taking a lukewarm shower. If your skin is super dry and flaky, despite your best attempts, add a little bit of oatmeal to your bath to soothe and rehydrate your cracked skin.


Add Moisture to the Air

We all like to huddle in front of space heaters or blast the heat in our bedrooms when it gets super chilly outside. However, moisture quickly disappears from the air when the heat is on and working overtime. To help keep your skin hydrated, try hooking up a small humidifier in your bedroom; you'll save your skin from drying out without sacrificing the warmth of your bedroom.


Moisturize Frequently

Using a hydrating moisturizer is a crucial step in any skin care routine, regardless of the season. In the winter, a good moisturizer becomes extra essential, as winter weather can deplete skin's hydration very quickly.

Much like choosing the correct face wash for your skin type, you'll also want to be mindful of buying the appropriate moisturizer. For those with naturally dry skin or who are dealing with acne, you'll want to stick to a non-greasy, non-comedogenic lotion, like Kidskin's Calming Moisturizer for Kids. A combination of super-powerful ingredients, including white tea extract, helps boost immune function and protect the skin from further damage from the winter weather.

If your skin is on the sensitive side, try including our Gentle Skin Moisturizer for Kids into your winter skin care routine. This moisturizer will target the healing of irritated or compromised skin conditions. Be sure to apply extra moisturizer to any part of your body routinely exposed to the cold winter air for added hydration and healing!


Don't Forget Sunscreen!

When thinking of using sunscreen, you may assume you only need to apply it if you'll be lounging on the beach. We are here to tell you that sunscreen belongs in your winter skin care plan as well! The sun just as intense in the winter as it is in the summer and the glare of the sun's rays off the snow and ice can further damage your skin.

Using sunscreen is especially important if your skin is acne-prone or if you're experiencing a breakout. Believe it or not, the sun's UVA UVB rays can exacerbate acne and start prematurely aging your skin. Even if there is snow on the ground, add sunscreen to your list of essential elements for your winter skin care routine.

As you would before hitting the beach, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on your face and hands (and any other body parts that may be exposed) 30 minutes before you go outside. Kidskin's Daily Sunscreen SPF30 is the perfect mineral-based sun protection for your skin year-round. Be sure to reapply if you find yourself out in the snow for an extended period!


The Importance of Skin Care All Year

Though the winter weather is extra hard on our skin, you should work to create a skin care routine that you can sustain all year long! Proper skin care, including the daily use of a gentle face wash, hydrating moisturizer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen, is essential to your skin's overall health. By following a consistent routine that suits your skin type, you will find that your skin remains clear, bright, and youthful-looking, even during the harshest months of the year.

Kidskin's products are made to be gentle on all skin types, fight breakouts, and provide essential hydration, especially crucial for winter skin care! We are committed to bringing kids and teenagers the most natural, effective products that will make skin care a blast. Check out our blog for more information about teen skin care and ideas on how to keep your skin looking fresh and bright!