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Whiteheads Versus Blackheads: What’s the Difference?

You haven’t felt real panic until you’ve woken up on the morning of picture day, your first date, or the school dance, to find your face covered in breakouts. Let’s just say teen acne isn’t our best friend. Show your pimples who’s boss by identifying them and taking them down. 

Teen acne can be confusing when you see little black dots on your nose, but when you look at your chin, there’s a big white spot that seems like it could pop at any moment. We’ve got all things from whiteheads, blackheads, treatments, and prevention covered; all you need to do is follow our tips and watch your stubborn acne fade away.

What are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads can seem like a volcano forming on your face, but, they’re just a type of acne that can form when oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria get trapped in your pores. They can be caused by stress and hormones; teens definitely experience a lot of those! They seem to pop up at the worst times. Of course, your skin is clear and glowing on a day when you’re staying at home with nothing to do but watch reruns of your favorite show. But the day of your big presentation in front of the entire class? That’s when the whitehead decides to pop up! 

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are tiny, but they can pack a punch. They’re small, dark bumps that can appear all over your face, particularly on the nose, forehead, and chin. Blackheads can happen due to dirt, oil, and clogged pores, just like whiteheads. They appear in open pores that have been exposed to the air. These stubborn little blackheads can’t just pick one part of the skin to invade; they appear all over on areas.

Where are blackheads usually:

  • chest
  • shoulders
  • back
  • face


Blackhead and Whitehead Erasing Tips

Teens are already tired enough; you don’t need to be setting your alarm an extra 10 minutes early to cover up a blackhead-covered chin or a whitehead on your nose. There are simple steps you can add to your skincare routine to get teen acne under control. No need to let a silly pimple throw you off your game! 

Don’t Pop Your Breakouts

As tempting as it can be to take the little sucker invading your face right down as soon as you see it, the pimple will get its revenge if you pop it. Picking at your pimples and blackheads can cause lots of skin issues, like:

  • acne spreading
  • scabs and scarring
  • bleeding

Plus, using your hands to pop pimples can spread bacteria to other parts of your face. When you pick at your teen acne, what started as one little whitehead, can suddenly turn into the need for a skincare intervention. Use a hands-off approach and try to be patient. We promise, the zit on your forehead won’t be there forever.


Use a Spot Treatment for Teen Acne 

Sometimes stubborn breakouts refuse to go away no matter how long you resist popping them. When your big birthday bash is this weekend and you’ve convinced yourself that the whitehead’s mission is to ruin it, use a spot treatment. Spot treatments are perfect for targeting problem areas and getting rid of teen acne in no time. Our Z-Blast Acne Serum Spot Treatment has salicylic acid, one of the most powerful ingredients for banishing blackheads.

 Girl putting a face mask on.

How to Prevent Blackheads and Whiteheads

In light of preventing future pimple-induced panic attacks, there are steps you can take to keep your teen acne under control. You don’t have to wait until breakouts appear to start scaring them away. Having a killer skincare routine will stop teen acne before it even has the chance to strike. 


Wash Your Face Daily

Even on days when your skin is so clear, and you throw your concealer to the side, you still need to wash your face. Makeup, oil, stress; your skin can only take so much! Daily cleansing will rid your skin of any lingering bacteria and blackheads overstaying their welcome on your face. Our cleansers will have teen acne running away in no time. Even the most giant face craters can’t resist our potent ingredients like tea tree oil. 


Stay Moisturized

Keeping your skin and body hydrated is key to banishing blackheads and whiteheads once and for all. Quench your skin’s thirst with a moisturizer. We have the perfect moisturizer for any skin type, so whether your skin is as dry as the desert or as greasy as a car engine, we’ve got you covered. 


Wear Sunscreen Made for the Face

Picture this: it’s a gorgeous summer day, and you’re headed to the beach with all your friends. Your bag’s all packed, and you’re ready to go; can’t forget to apply the sunscreen! But suddenly you realize, oh no! Your face is a greasy mess now! 

Avoid beach day disasters by finding a sunscreen that’s specifically for the face. Our face sunscreen has zinc oxide, which is super powerful for fighting UV rays. Made with gentle ingredients for the face, it won’t leave you feeling like you just smothered your face in an extra-large pizza. You’ll be feeling light, refreshed, and ready to take your opponents down in a round of beach volleyball.


Keep Your Space Clean

Your skin goes through a lot daily. Always touching our faces to dirty things like phones, pillowcases, hair, and hands isn’t exactly the secret to clearing teen acne. It’s probably an image you’d rather not have in your mind, but it’s pretty gross that we drop our phones on the floor or spill some crumbs on them during lunch and then put them to our ears to answer a call. Keep some wet wipes handy to sanitize things that come in contact with your face while you’re on the go. 

Don’t forget to keep your pillowcases and bedding nice and clean. Don’t even lie; we know your bed is like your favorite place (because who’s isn’t?), so why not use it to your advantage? Let your mattress be a haven for your skin as it rejuvenates itself through the night. Who wants to let their precious skin sleep on a drool-drenched pillow? Not us! On your next laundry day, throw your bedding in the washer and get pumped for clean sheet night!

Just like you wash your face to keep your skin clean, you have to keep your body and hair pristine too. Clear skin, greasy hair, and dirty fingernails don’t mix. Your hands and hair are always invading your face’s personal space, so if they’re dirty, your face will be too.

Pick the yummiest smelling shampoo and body wash you can find, and your skin will be as fresh as a daisy. If you have teen acne on your body, lathering up your loofah will help clear breakouts. Plus, you’ll smell so good that everyone you meet will be dying to know where you get your bath and body products. 

When you’re using our tips, your skin is sure to turn from a collection of blackheads and whiteheads to a glowing ray of sunshine. Show your skin some love, and remember, acne is super normal for teens; even Charli D'amelio gets it. Don’t let it cramp your style! We’re sending whitehead and blackhead banishing vibes your way.

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