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Helping Your Tweens and Teens Care for Their Skin

As children grow up (way too fast) and enter the tween and teens years, you’ll want to help them learn how to correctly take care of their skin. Many of us adults today wish our moms would have talked to us about skincare habits at an early age. We want to encourage a good skincare routine for our children during these early years to get them on their way to healthy, glowing tween and teen skin.

During these formative years, we should talk to our children first about beauty coming from within. No amount of makeup or clothing will make them feel confident if they are not taught to love their personalities. However, helping them embrace their natural beauty on the outside can enhance self-esteem. To have fresh tween skin and clear teen skin that compliments that inner beauty, it’s important to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and exercise, too.

If our children learn how to care for their tween and teen skin properly, they may prevent skin damage at a young age, and their skin will be healthy in the future. Starting with a skincare routine early will help our children develop a beneficial habit.

If you haven’t already taught your tween or teen about caring for their skin, it is not too late to begin. The first step to incorporating any skincare routine for our tweens and teens would be to understand their skin type to properly choose products. Being a mom, we also want to make sure the skincare our children are using is safe and gentle for their sensitive tween and teen skin.


Basics for Caring for Tween Skin

Children around this age are becoming more independent and are starting to make decisions on their own. The skincare habits they form during these tween years will likely carry over into adulthood. With tween skin, a simple skincare routine done twice daily is a good start for healthy skin.

During the tween years, some kids may experience early signs of puberty and notice a pimple here and there. Until this point, your gentle bath and body cleanser may have gotten the job done for their face and body. But now might be the ideal time to introduce a cleanser designed specifically for tween skin.


Simple Skin Care Routine for Tween Skin

To get their tween skin off to a great start, your tween can do the following simple skincare routine when they get ready for the day and when they get ready for bed:


When you have conversations regarding tween skin and hygiene, explain what the products do, why they should use them daily, and the consequences of taking good care of their skin.

It may be appropriate to use a chart to remind and encourage your child to be consistent with their skincare routine.


Navigating All Factors that Affect Teen Skin

Skincare becomes a bit more critical during the teen years. Most of the conversation centers around acne. Teenagers undergo hormonal surges that make their oil glands hyperactive, leading to oily teen skin prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Teenage stress from school, activities, and friends can also cause a flare-up in acne.

As you think back to your teenage years, you may be reminded of insecurities with your appearance, the hormone surges, and stress. Just as you did, your teen is undergoing the same things, and while you cannot navigate these uncertain times for them, you can help ease their problems by maintaining healthy skin. Blemish-free teen skin can boost anyone’s self-esteem and confidence level!

Choose the Right Skin Care Products for Teen Skin

You and your teen can spend some time together choosing the right products for their teen skin. It’s terrific if your child already has an understanding of skincare as well as a quality skincare routine. Still, it’s not too late to encourage and teach them to follow a simple day and night skincare routine.

Like the tween skincare routine, your teen can begin their skincare routine with a simple yet effective four-step process with their teen skin products to keep looking their best.



Good Skin Care is More Than Face Products

When you encourage good skincare habits, your children will see and feel the benefits now and into adulthood. Healthy skin can make a big difference, and it’s never too late to teach your children how to care for and maintain their skin properly.

As your children get older, there are factors beyond face products that contribute to clear and healthy tween and teen skin. Maintaining a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting adequate sleep are just as important as their skincare routine.

Beyond the skincare routine they establish, there are several things your children can do to maintain and improve their skin’s overall health.

Here are a few simple habits to keep in mind and start early:

-Wash pillowcases regularly.

-Keep phones clean.

-Avoid touching your face.

-Remove makeup before bed.

-Clean makeup brushes regularly.

-Drink plenty of water.

-Eat a healthy diet.

-Don’t pick or pop pimples.

-Avoid sun damage from tanning beds.


As mothers, we know how we approach touchy and sensitive topics with our children is delicate and essential work. Skincare problems can have social and psychological effects on your tween and teen. During your conversations, listen to their concerns, and share your own experiences with acne. If you notice your tween or teen neglecting their skincare routine, gently remind them of the benefits or subtly remind them by leaving a note in the bathroom or on their phone. Whether their acne is mild or severe, it’s essential to show your children support when talking about caring for their skin. Make sure they know that you’re always available to help.

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