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All Things Tween Makeup for Kids and Parents - Kidskin

All Things Tween Makeup for Kids and Parents

“Puberty is so fun, right?” said no tween or parent ever. Even though it comes with challenges for the whole family, puberty isn’t all hormones and mood swings. It’s a time for tweens to start expressing themselves and discovering who they are. For some kids, this journey of self-discovery might come along with some curiosity about makeup. If the issue of wearing makeup for beginners has become a debate among the parents and tweens in your home, we’ve got all things tween makeup laid out for mom, dad, and the kiddos.


What Parents Need to Know About Tween Makeup

Parents, have you caught your tween raiding your makeup drawer or staring off at the beauty aisle every time you go to the store? We know it’s hard to accept since it seems like just yesterday you were changing their diapers, but it might be time to start allowing them to express themselves with some beginner makeup. Maybe you’re not comfortable with your tween sporting glittery eyelids and red lipstick at school (totally understandable), but some light and kid-friendly makeup won’t hurt. You can communicate with your child about their wants, as well as your own concerns and rules about them wearing tween makeup.


Woman looking at her makeup

When is your Tween Ready to Wear Makeup?

Every tween and their family is unique. Just because your favorite parenting blog told you that you absolutely must wait until X age to start letting your child wear kid-friendly makeup doesn’t mean that’s the best option for you and your tween. If you start to notice your tween getting curious about makeup for beginners, have a conversation with them and decide if it’s the right time for them to start wearing it. If you’ve given them the green light, how can you help them be their most confident, glowing selves and avoid the awkward tween makeup phase that we know you all had in middle or high school (don’t worry, we did too)?


How to Help Your Tween Wear Makeup

If you’ve been promoted from parent to beauty guru, the most important thing you can teach your tween is that their skin comes first and makeup comes second when it comes to a beginner makeup routine. Before they can start exploring the world of makeup tips and mascara wands, they need to have a solid skincare routine set in place. Help your child get to know their skin type and build a routine to keep their skin happy and healthy. Make sure they are using products that are free of harsh chemicals, like the ones in our collection, to keep their skin safe during their beginner makeup routine.

Once you’ve helped your tween curate an amazing kid-friendly skincare routine, it’s time for the fun part: beginner makeup! Let them know that makeup is all about exploring and having fun, not covering up imperfections or impressing other people. Encourage them to keep their beginner makeup routine light and simple; less is more after all. If you like makeup just as much as your kiddo does, you could share your makeup tips and tricks with them. Eventually, they could be the ones giving you makeup advice!

Teen putting on makeup 

Picking Safe Makeup for Your Tween

All the glamorous Youtube tutorials and Instagram trends your tween has been eyeing might have you thinking that your tween’s face is about to be covered in some harsh products. However, you can help them pick out kid-friendly makeup that won’t provoke their already agitated tween skin. The best way to keep their tween makeup collection clean is to read the ingredient list before putting something in your cart. Steer clear of things like:

  • fragrance
  • oils
  • parabens
  • waterproof ingredients


A cocoa butter bronzer or strawberry-scented blush might be on your tween’s makeup wish list, but those types of products aren’t kid-friendly for their skin. The oils in scented products are harsh on anyone’s skin, but especially tweens since their skin is more sensitive. The more natural and kid-friendly their products are, the better.

If you’ve had a chat with your tween about wearing kid-friendly makeup, and you’ve decided that they’re allowed, we will give them the best makeup tips to stay looking naturally beautiful. We’ve got all things tween skincare and beginner makeup tips covered. 


Makeup Tips for Tweens

Tweens, we know that Ariana Grande’s classic cat wing probably has inspired you to create tween makeup looks of your own. Now that we’ve helped your parents get on board with kid-friendly makeup, we’ll give you all the makeup tips you need to keep your routine fun, fresh, and age-appropriate. Neon eyeshadow and glittery gloss are fabulous for makeovers with your friends at a sleepover or wearing on Halloween, but not so much for school and family dinners. First, every good kid-friendly makeup look starts with a healthy skin base.

 Teen washing her face

The Importance of Tween Skincare

To have a stunning tween makeup routine, you need to take care of your skin. Building a skincare regimen that combats your acne, sensitive skin, and problem areas will allow your makeup to apply seamlessly.

 You can keep your skin healthy with four simple steps:

  • cleanser
  • spot treatment
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen



When you apply your tween makeup in the morning and keep it on for school, soccer practice, and your pre-bedtime binge of NikkieTutorials for your nightly fix of makeup tips, you need to wash it off. Cleansers won’t remove every trace of tween makeup from your face, so make sure you use a makeup remover first. After you’ve removed your beginner makeup, your cleanser will feel refreshing and replenishing to your skin. In addition to washing your face every night, you should wash it in the morning so your skin can thrive.

Whether your skin is acne-prone, dry, oily, or a little bit in between, we’ve got the right cleanser for you. All of our products are free of harmful ingredients like fragrance, sulfates, and parabens, making them kid-friendly and safe. Our T-blast Foaming Cleanser is perfect for tweens with oily and acne-prone skin. The active ingredient, tea tree oil, rids your skin of oil without drying it out and combats stubborn breakouts. If your skin leans more toward the dry side, our kid-friendly Gentle Skin Cleanser will get rid of patchiness and irritation. It has powerful antioxidants and peptides that will penetrate your skin, allowing it to be soft and clear.


Spot Treatment

Even if your skin is squeaky clean, you might still struggle with tween acne. If that crater on your chin just won’t go away, fight back with a spot treatment. Our kid-friendly spot treatment has salicylic acid, a powerful agent against acne. Just apply a small amount to your problem areas, and voila! Your pimples will disappear. With your breakouts at bay, applying your tween makeup will be a breeze.


Teen with a face mask on reading a magazine


You can’t have glowing skin without a great kid-friendly moisturizer. Cleanser is a must have for clear and healthy skin, but it can strip your skin of some of its natural oils. Moisturizing will bring them back to the surface. Plus, it’ll allow your tween makeup to blend effortlessly; you’ll never have to worry about it looking patchy or too heavy.

If your skin is feeling as dry as the desert, our kid-friendly Calming Moisturizer would be incredible for you. The white tea extract in this moisturizer is a strong fighter against acne, dry and irritated skin. Did we mention it can also boost immune function? When you struggle with sensitive skin, it can seem like every product is out to irritate it. Our kid-friendly Gentle Skin Moisturizer has healing ingredients that will bring in moisture without triggering breakouts, producing more oil, or irritating skin conditions. If you have eczema or rosacea, this moisturizer could be a hero for your skin. Its lightweight consistency will have your tween makeup looking fresh and glowy without the struggle of looking greasy.



Before you can become a true tween makeup artist, you have to make sure your skin is fully protected. Sure, your tinted moisturizer says it has SPF 15, but that’s not enough to stay safe against UV rays. Make sure you use a kid-friendly face sunscreen every morning to finish off your skincare routine. Our daily sunscreen is SPF 30, providing full, day-long protection. We use Zinc oxide in our kid-friendly sunscreen, while other companies use harsh chemicals.

We know that all these steps can seem a little overwhelming, but your routine can be quick and simple. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to the end of the day when you can wash all the dirt off your skin and soothe it with moisturizer. If you’re still not sure about all this skincare stuff, check out our top tips for beginner skincare in your tweens.


All About Beginner Makeup

Yay! Your skin is fresh, clean, and glowing, making it the perfect base for tween makeup. When you’re shopping for beauty products, look for things that will enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Like we mentioned before if you can’t resist picking up that shimmery eyeshadow palette, just use it for fun or special occasions. Keep your tween makeup look simple every day.

It’s important to keep in mind that every tween makeup routine is personal and all of our makeup tips are optional. Try out different products and see what works for you; that’s what’s so wonderful about makeup tips! Beginner makeup artists, we’ve got everything covered.

The major categories of makeup are:

  • face
  • eyes
  • lips


Before you delve into all things beginner makeup, always make sure your parents are okay with the products you’re using. If you want to wear tween makeup for a special occasion, ask them first.


Teen taking off eye makeup

Face Makeup for Beginners

Face makeup is what you use to enhance your facial features—think flushed, glowing cheeks and an even skin tone. If you want, you can use it to cover any imperfections as well. You can use concealer on any blemishes, or if you want to even out your skin, our makeup tip is to use a light BB cream. Foundation can be heavy and cause your skin to break out, so you should only wear it on rare occasions. Face makeup tip: you can use a face powder to keep oil from invading your makeup look.

Blush, bronzer, and highlighter are popular face products you might see. However, you definitely don’t need to go full-face and wear all of these things unless you’re planning on walking a red carpet anytime soon. If you want to explore these products, try them out at home first, and don’t go over-the-top if you bring them into your tween makeup routine. The last thing you want is to go to school thinking your makeup looks amazing, just to realize your cheeks look tomato red now that you’re out of your room’s dull lighting. Our makeup tip is to lightly apply a natural blush to your cheeks for some color and glow that’s not too over the top.


Eye Makeup for Tweens

Eye makeup can accentuate your eyes and bring out the beauty of their natural color. When you see your favorite Tik Tok star with pink eyelids or lashes up to their eyebrows, they have eye makeup tips (or a makeup artist) to thank for their look. When you’re incorporating eye products into your beginner makeup routine, you should probably go for something a bit less bold. Tween makeup tip: use brown mascara to give your eyelashes a lift and length that’s not over-the-top. If you simply NEED the rainbow eyeshadow palette you’ve been eyeing at Sephora for months, save it for experimenting at home or with friends.


Lip Products for Beginners

Who doesn’t love the look of a bold, colorful lip or some shimmery gloss? Lip products are super fun to try, but your lips are actually a sensitive part of your skin. Before you test out your new lipsticks, make sure your lips are hydrated and healthy. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry, crusty, and agitated lips. We’re cringing just thinking about it! Keep your favorite yummy-smelling lip balm on hand, and don’t neglect your lips. When you’re wearing tween makeup to school and other daily events, it’s probably best to just stick with your chapstick. If you’re feeling bold, a little bit of gloss can spice up any look. Our beginner makeup tip is to stick to the bright purples and pinks for experimenting.

Parents and tweens, we hope you’re excited to conquer the new adventure of beginner makeup now that you have all the essential makeup tips down. Remember to stay open with each other and communicate your concerns, wants, or suggestions. Explore tween makeup together, swap makeup tips, and have fun!

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