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Our Favorite Tween Fashion Trends - Kidskin

Our Favorite Tween Fashion Trends

Being a tween is so much fun! When your day consists of hanging with your friends, scrolling Tik Tok, and testing out products for the perfect skincare routine, what can go wrong? Of course, there are times when you forget to pick an outfit for the movies or can’t figure out how to wear your hair to school, but we’ve got you covered on the latest trends!

When you feel like your outfit is less than Insta-worthy, your self-esteem might be lacking. Blow your friends (and that cutie from your science class) away with some trendy new touches to your wardrobe. Before you make your closet look like the inside of a tornado trying to find the perfect outfit, check out our favorite tween fashion trends for some tips.


Best Tween Clothing Trends

You should never feel like you have to stick to the status quo. Your clothes should tell people who you really are, but sometimes, a trend comes around that you just can’t pass up! We love trends that are cute, colorful, and comfy for tweens. Some of our favorites are:

Rompers are an easy way to throw together an outfit in no time at all. We’ve all had those mornings where our alarm betrays us and we wake up 5 minutes before the first bell. Throw on a romper and you’ve eliminated the stress of picking out a matching shirt and pants.

We’re obsessed with tie-dye! Shirts, hoodies, dresses, leggings—if it comes in tie-dye, you better believe it’s on our shopping list. Tie-dye is perfect for those days when you just can’t decide what color to wear. Why not wear them all? The bright colors will show everyone your fun sense of style.


Our Favorite Hair Accessories for Tweens

No outfit is complete without some staple hair accessories. With some searching, you can find the perfect hair accessory to match every occasion.

Some of our Trendy Favorite Hair Accessories for Tweens are:

  • fun hair clips
  • scrunchies

Hair clips are all the rage right now. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get their hair out of the way? Getting a hair on your mouth right after you apply your lip gloss? Not cute! Butterflies, hearts, pearls, and more can adorn your hair and add flair to any outfit.

Scrunchies are essential for any tween. A cute bracelet, seamless hair tie, and unique accessory all in one? Count us in! There’s a limitless selection of colors, patterns, and textures. By the time you’re done collecting them, you’ll have enough to match every outfit! You can even use them to show off your favorite shows and movies.

 Girl putting on makeup.

Need-to-Know Tween Makeup and Skincare Trends

You can create a signature makeup and skincare routine that makes you feel like your best self. Everyone is different, so you should listen to your tween skin when it comes to deciding what products to use. Don’t stress about following a trend or what you saw in your bestie’s cabinet. Regardless of your skin type, you should be following a basic skincare routine with a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the morning.

Tween skin doesn’t always agree with viral skincare trends you might see online. Some of the DIY-face masks might not fulfill their promise of clearing your skin. Some of our favorite makeup and skincare tricks do come from popular trends, though.

The makeup and skincare trends for tween skin that you must know are:

  • simple makeup and skincare
  • glowy skin
  • pops of color


While you’re young and still learning how to care for your skin, a short and sweet tween skin routine is the way to go. Use gentle products that aren’t heavy or irritating. When you are makeup shopping, be gentle. This might mean going for the tinted moisturizer over a heavy foundation. Gentle skin care products should leave your tween skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh 24/7.


Go for the Glow

We’ve all seen Beyonce’s glowing skin, right? How is it so flawless?! Keep your skin glowing as bright by using a super hydrating moisturizer. It will bring natural oils to your face, keeping your tween skin thriving! Giving your skin lots of love and care is the best way to keep your glow on the next level.


Add Some Color!

When it comes to your makeup routine, the same old concealer and mascara can get a little boring. It never hurts to throw in a little pop of color every once in a while! Whether you’re the queen of glittery eyeshadow or the master of red lipstick, use color to express yourself and your sense of style. Just remember to always take off your makeup and wash your skin before bed to keep it healthy.

With a little wardrobe makeover and a personalized skincare routine, you and your tween skin will blow everyone away. Own who you are and let everyone see you shine!

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